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Cat Eye Fine 15+ Ratti

Cat’s Eye for Protection & Positive Energy:

The cat's eye most of all is seen as a particularly effective protective stone and talisman. On account of its golden tones, chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye is often also associated with wealth – and this idea is certainly not without foundation, since in its most beautiful form as a high-quality cat's eye it is up among the gemstones of the luxury class.

Discipline and self-control are the qualities mainly associated with chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye in modern gemstone therapy. Chrysoberyls Cat’s Eye are said to promote concentration and the ability to learn, and to enable the wearer to think clearly and far-sightedly. Thanks to the secret power of the chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye, negative thoughts are said to be transformed into positive energy. And these positive qualities are said to be even more marked with a chrysoberyl cat's eye. However, It is also regarded as a gemstone which promotes tolerance and harmony.

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