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Cat Eye Fine 14+ Ratti

Side Effects of Cat’s Eye Gemstone :

If the Dragon’s tail (Ketu) is placed in the 6th 8th or 12th house of your horoscope then the role of Dragon’s tail (Ketu) in your life is to create much negative effects in life such as diseases, debt, enmity,  hurdles, death, expenses etc. In this case if you adopt Cat’s eye ring then power of Dragon’s tail (Ketu) would get enhanced and the problem in life would also increase.

If the Dragon’s tail (Ketu) is the lord of good houses and also placed in good house then Cat’s eye gemstone can be adopted provided that the power of Dragon’s tail (Ketu) in your horoscope is between 0-9 degrees or between 21-30 degrees. But if the Dragon’s tail (Ketu) is between 10-20 degrees in horoscope then Dragon’s tail (Ketu) is self sufficient to give its full result without any help of Cat’s eye. In this case if any one adopts the Cat’s eye gemstones, the power of Dragon’s tail (Ketu) becomes overdose hence balance of other elements in body gets disturbed.  

That is why it is always recommended to wear the gemstones only after consulting an expert panel of astrologers.


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